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HIFU Treatment


HIFU Treatment

HIFU Treatment

Non-surgical face lift HIFU (High Intensity Focus Ultrasound) is a cutting edge thecnology that is applied to all sagging and wrinkles that occur over time on the face, eyelid, jowl, double chin, neck, arms and cheeks with satisfactory results. Focused sound waves go down to the lowest layers of the skin and provide recovery, tightening and rejuvenation of the skin. It is a comfortable, painless face, neck and body lifting process that give results in a single session of 15-20 minutes. It provides tightening and stretching of the skin by stimulating collagen production in deep tissues. HIFU uses sound energy that our ears cannot hear. Heat damage is created in the 4.5 mm, 3 mm and 1.5 mm deep layers of the skin, activating the skin's natural regeneration and repair mechanism and accelerating collagen production thanks to the HIFU application. It is used in all areas of the body where there is falling, it is used to remove the jowl, provide the oval of the face, eliminate sagging in the arms, abdomen and legs, and burn the excess fat. In this way, the face oval and body contour are shaped, and sagging in the arms, legs and abdomen is removed.


How to apply Hifu?

The procedure is easily performed without the need for any anesthesia. After cleaning the skin of the person, the gel is applied and the process begins after the personalized dose adjustments of the HIFU device are made.


Is a single session sufficient?

Focus Ultrasound is usually applied as a single session. If the sagging is very advanced and the face is very oily, if it is deemed necessary, a second or third session can be applied.


Is pain felt during the application?

HIFU is a painless application and it is a condition that is generally described as needle sticking during the procedure. This situation shows that HIFU energy has reached the targeted levels and thus recovery and tightening will occur.


Are There Any Side Effects of HIFU (LIFU; Linear Focus Ultrasound) Application?

HIFU application is a successful, comfortable and safe application that gives satisfactory results. After the application, there may be a temporary mild edema on the face. The most important feature of the application is that it does not distract from work and social life after the application. No extra wound care is required after the application. It is the ideal face, jowl and body lifting and rejuvenation method for people who do not want surgery or want to take early precautions to avoid sagging.


What are the advantages of Focus Ultrasound application?

• Having satisfactory results

• Being a one-session application

• Continuing daily life after the application.

• No preparation is required for the procedure and no post-maintenance is required.

• Applicable in all seasons

• No needles and incisions

• No invasive procedure

• Absence of pain and sore