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Lip Filler


Lip Filler

Lip Filler

Lip filler is a procedure using hyaluronic acid products to rejuvenate, shape and thicken the lips and to eliminate asymmetries. While administering lip filler, the shape of the lip and expectations should be analyzed well.

Is lip filler a painful procedure?

It is minimally painful since local anesthetic creams are applied before the procedure.

How long does the effect of lip filler last?

Although it varies depending on person, the effect of lip filler lasts 8-12 months on average. The duration of the effect is prolonged as lip filler is repeated.

What are the side effects arising after lip filler?

Temporary mild edema and bruising may arise after lip filler.

What are the points that I should take care of after lip filler?

After lip filler, ice should be applied to the treatment area to reduce bruising and edema. Kissing should be avoided for one week after filler.