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Double Chin Aesthetics (Double Chin Melting)


Double Chin Aesthetics (Double Chin Melting)

Double Chin Aesthetics (Double Chin Melting)

What is double chin aesthetics?
People; It can camouflage deformities in the facial area from time to time by using make-up. However, we do not have such a chance for sagging and wrinkles in the jowl area.

This can only be eliminated by jowl aesthetics. With this effect, you will feel and look younger than you are. Effects such as excessive fat, sagging and wrinkles, which are the jowl covering the area from under the chin to the neck, cause the person to look older than they are. Everyone can have a perfect jowl aesthetics with different aesthetic methods according to the rate of deformation in the jowl.

How is the condition of the jowl area evaluated?
It covers the area extending from the chin to the lower part of the neck. Since this region, which is indispensable for a young facial appearance, is parallel to the chin, there should be no sagging of the jowl when viewed from the front. This causes the person to look older and their facial features to deteriorate.

Melting the chin with Magic Sound

Magic Sound is also one of the most effective treatments for tidying up the jowl area. The success of the technology is due to the combination of two effects: It breaks down the excess fat tissue in the jowl area and tightens the skin that has lost its elasticity. The system, which affects the fat cells with ultrasound energy, does not damage the muscle and vascular system while doing this.

The treatment protocol consists of 4-6 sessions administered at two-week intervals. Another important feature of the process, which takes an average of 20 minutes, is that it is extremely comfortable. The common opinion of the patients is that the treatment passes in the comfort of a massage. Although it is normal to see a slight redness in the treated area after the procedure, it completely disappears in just a few hours. Immediately after the application, the patient can return to his social life.

Melting the Jowl with Mesotherapy
Mesotherapy injections, which are used in jowl rejuvenation, are a non-surgical and effective method of reducing the chin. With mesotherapy, the excess fat tissue accumulated in the food is reduced, the loosened skin tissue tightens, and wrinkles are reduced. In fact, food melting is a lipolysis method, that is, fat melting.

Lipolysis means reducing or breaking down fat cells. Lipolysis mesotherapy is a frequently preferred mesotherapy method in the treatment of excessive fat accumulation in limited areas (local).