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Excessive Perspiration Treatment Applications


Excessive Perspiration Treatment Applications

Excessive Perspiration Treatment Applications

Sweating is a normal and healthy condition that occurs as a result of rapid stimulation of the sympathetic nervous system with excessive stimulation of sweat glands. However, excessive sweating and odor formation; It negatively affects our private life, social and business life. Excessive sweating can lead to psychological problems as well as lack of confidence. Stress, drug use, thyroid diseases, menopause and obesity are the most important causes of excessive sweating. The complaint begins in adolescence. Deodorants and lotions do not benefit. Wrinkle Treatment is applied to prevent sweating and odor. Today, the most preferred method of sweating, palms and soles is wrinkle treatment.

How to apply Wrinkle Treatment in Excessive Perspiration?

Treatment of underarm sweats is very short. Under the armpit areas of the sweat are detected and anesthetic cream application area is anesthetized. Toxin is injected with tiny needles. Treatment with this method applied for 30 min; It starts to show its effect in as little as 1-2 weeks.

What is the Application Effect Time in Excessive Sweating?

The treatment of armpit excessive sweating is effective for 6-12 months. Subcutaneous sweating treatment was approved by the FDA in 2004.

Who can be treated with excessive perspiration?

The armpit can be applied to all patients suffering from excessive sweating.

Who Is Not Applied To Treatment In Excessive Sweating?

Patients who are in pregnancy and breastfeeding, those with neuromuscular disease such as Myasthenia gravis, Lambert eaton syndrome, multiple sclerosis, those using antibiotics with aminoglycoside group, patients with active infection in the skin, those with a known allergy to the content and those with coagulation problems are not allowed to apply.

What are the side effects of treatment in excessive sweating?

Underarm treatment has no significant side effects. After the process, you can resume your private life.

What Are the Considerations After Application in Excessive Perspiration?

On the day of application, bending forward, sport, bath and alcohol consumption should be avoided. It is recommended not to use in a hot environment such as a solarium or a sauna.