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FibroCell (Fibroblast Intradermal Treatment)


FibroCell (Fibroblast Intradermal Treatment)

FibroCell (Fibroblast Intradermal Treatment)

What is FibroCell?

One of the main causes of skin beauty loss is the reduction of fibroblast cells with age, which is the key to healing and regeneration of the skin. Fibrocell application; fibroblasts in your own tissue with a small piece of skin taken from your ear using the local anesthesia method and again the blood taken from yourself is decomposed and reproduced in the laboratory environment and injected into your skin to restore your natural beauty to you.

Where is FibroCell (Fibroblast Intra-Skin Cell Treatment) Used?

Facial rejuvenation and facial renewal applications,
Removal of acne or chickenpox pits (scars)
Removing wrinkles on face,
Treatment of non-occlusive chronic wounds,
Treatment of burns, previous surgery-related scars
What are the Advantages of Fibrocell Treatment?

Since it is obtained from the patient's own cells and does not contain foreign substances, it does not carry any risk of allergies. It has a longer duration than other methods such as mesotherapy or intradermal (up to 3 years).

FibroCell (Fibroblast Intradermal Treatment) Treatment How?

The patient is anesthetized locally behind the ears and 1 piece of lentil-sized skin is removed. On the same day, a blood sample is taken from the person. The collected skin piece and blood sample is sent to a fully equipped laboratory under very special conditions and put into production.

Fibrocell (Fibroblast Intradermal Treatment) How Many Sessions are Applied?

This procedure is applied at least 3 sessions with 1 month intervals.

What Should Be Considered After Fibrocell (Fibroblast Intradermal Treatment) Sessions?

As with any aesthetic process, it is very important to protect from the sun. Water contact and makeup should be avoided for one day in the treated skin areas.

Is Fibrocell (Fibroblast Intradermal Treatment) Painful?

Fibrocell treatment is done by numbing the process areas.

Fibrocell (Fibroblast intradermal treatment) How to get an appearance?

A shiny and bright appearance is provided on the skin. These positive effects begin to appear after the first session and increase as the sessions progress.

Fibrocell (Fibroblast Intradermal Treatment) Who can be applied?

Fibroblast for women and men The ideal age for intradermal treatment is between 30-50 years.

What are the Side Effects of Fibrocell Therapy?

Allergic side effects are not expected since the cells are intradermal cells. Because it is injected into the skin with tiny needles, there may be redness at night.