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Hair Laser

Hair Laser

Hair Laser

Apart from hair treatments, lasers have been used safely in many areas such as skin resurfacing, hair removal, capillary treatment, tattoo removal, nevus treatment and nail fungus treatment for many years. Recently, one of the most common use areas of laser is hair strengthening and hair loss treatment. Low level laser therapy is administered to the desired area with hair laser. This laser is called non-ablative cold laser since it does not produce heat. People who want to prevent hair loss with painless methods can benefit from laser therapy. Hair laser may provide the hair to get thicker and to be fuller and healthier.

Another use area of hair laser is hair transplantation. A more successful hair transplantation is possible with hair laser. The donor area can be strengthen with hair laser, transplantation can be carried out with stronger follicles. Beginning 1 month after transplantation, 8-10 sessions of laser therapy is given to the patients, thus the transplanted follicles are retained more strongly. Cold laser beams providing cellular stimulation increase the blood supply to the tissue, providing better feeding and oxygenation of hair follicles and increasing the success of transplantation.

How is hair laser applied? - Saç lazeri nasıl uygulanır?

With this technique, low-dose diode beams are applied to the hair of people at certain intervals. It stimulates the metabolism and protein synthesis in cellular basis. Laser beams targeting the cutaneous and subcutaneous tissue accelerate blood circulation by stimulating weak hair follicles and allow the development of hair follicles and thickening of hair. With this technique, follicles that cannot produce hair may revive and start to produce hair. In addition, follicles that produce single hair begin to produce multiple hair. The laser technique can be used with all women and men with unhealthy and shedding hair who turned 18 years of age. In the treatment phase, hair that has lost its vitality is first targeted. Hair starting to get thinner, broken and lost its brightness over time is revived and hair loss is prevented. The treatment should be administered regularly in the form of 8-10-week cycles and the patients should use professional hair care products and shampoos which do not negatively affect the health of hair. It starts to take effect within 2 months, and visible results are obtained by the 3rd month. The treatment should be continued for at least 8-10 weeks, once a week.

Does Pain Arise During the Use of Laser Technique?

- Lazer Yöntemi Esnasında Ağrı Acı olur mu?

Since no cut or surgical intervention is performed during this technique and no injection and heat stimulation is administered, no pain is felt. During the procedure, which is painless and has no side effects, patients can read newspaper, book, magazine and spend time with their phones or tablets to feel more comfortable.

Can hair laser be used in combination with Intradermal Treatment and mesotherapy?

- Saç Lazeri, Intradermal Treatment ve Mezoterapi ile kombine Kullanılabilir Mi?

Hair Laser can be applied alone, as well as in combination with Intradermal Treatment and mesotherapy. In this way, more successful results are obtained in a shorter time. Since laser therapy also affects the hair pigments unlike other treatment methods, patients with too much gray hair may obtain a reduction in their gray hair. Entrust your hair and skin to a dermatologist.