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HIFU Treatment

HIFU Treatment

Non-surgical skin rejuvenation methods are non-surgical methods that help to renew the natural texture of the skin, warm the dermis, stimulate collagen growth and rejuvenate by creating new collagen.

What is Hifu Treatment? How does it work?
With HIFU treatment (High-intensity focused ultrasound), we aim to trigger collagen production in subcutaneous tissues by using focus usg, that is, high-intensity focused ultrasound energy and sound waves, thereby aiming tightening and stretching of the skin. Ultrasound, that is, sound energy that is too high for our ears to hear, is used as energy. This energy creates controlled and point-shaped burn areas by reaching the subcutaneous tissue to high temperatures.
It pinpoints targets at the desired depth directly, without any effect on the skin surface. In other words, it creates hundreds of healing foci in the fascial layer surrounding the dermis and muscles.
These healing foci create both regeneration and stretching effect in the dermal and facial layers. Since these healing foci are healed by contraction, that is, they create a lifting effect in both the skin and the fascial layer. In this way, with stimulated collagen production, a tightened and renewed skin is provided within an average of 3-6 months.

For what purposes do we often use Hifu?
It is an FDA approved method to stretch and tighten the skin in the face and neck area. Common areas of treatment include

Goose feet,
Chin sagging,
Eyelid drooping,
Jowl sagging,
Sagging cheeks,
Sagging of the skin such as the inside of the thighs, arms and belly
Sagging, especially around the mouth
Loose neck folds
Fine lines and wrinkles
• Decrease in the prominence of the lower jaw line (jowl)