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Jawline Jaw Line Filler

Jawline Jaw Line Filler

It is the filling made for the purpose of clarifying and reshaping the line on the chin tip called jawline.

What is Jawline?
Jawline Filler, also known as chin tip filling; It is applied to make the jaw folds more prominent and to change the appearance. First of all, let's answer the question of what Jawline means. Jawline; in english; It is the name given to the hard line on the chin. Although there are some factors that play an important role in determining this line, it is generally determined by genetics, fat rate and facial exercises. Often, patients complain to us that their jaws are not prominent, their facial features are round, and that they are not satisfied with this appearance. Jawline chin filling has emerged as a need at this point. A clear line from the chin to the ear has come to the fore in today's aesthetic understanding, and the demand for jawlines has increased especially in men. Although chin filling and chin tip filling are also very popular in women, men generally prefer this cosmetic procedure. Ideas such as jawline filling and sharpening the jaw line were inspired by details such as the sharp jaw lines, plump lips and cheeks of the ancient Egyptian figures.

Why is Jawline Filling Done?
Although the jawline filling seems to be done for a single purpose, it is beneficial that this cosmetic procedure has more than one tool in its essence. We can list the main reasons for jaw line filling as follows;

Sharpening round face lines, giving a triangular look
Contribute to healing the tickle area
To clarify the harmony between lips and chin
To collect the sagging of the cheeks
Thanks to the real fillings we apply in our clinics, this filler type, which acts as a suspension on the chin, can achieve more permanent results and also gain a natural appearance due to natural ingredients. Normally, we need to answer the question of what is hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid; It is a type of filler that we use against lines, wrinkles and sagging on the face.