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Medical Hand and Foot Care


Medical Hand and Foot Care

Medical Hand and Foot Care

The role of our hands and feet in the human body is indisputable. In everyday life, it is normal for our hands and feet to wear due to various reasons. Health, function and aesthetics of our hands and feet care is very important. Hands and feet can be protected with medical care and problems caused by various reasons are treated with the same method.

Medical Hand Care

Our hands are the most exposed to external factors. For this reason, we need special care for our hands.

Medical hand care is a special care applied in the field of health and aesthetics. First, the hands are sterilized before starting the application. Then it is controlled by light loops and if no problem is found, the application is started.

Medical Foot Care

The starting phase of this application is the same as in medical hand care. In addition, special cleaning methods are applied for heel cracking that applies to the feet. With this method, hardened leathers and calluses are removed and moistened with humidifiers.