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Regional Thinning


Regional Thinning

Regional Thinning

Non-surgical regional thinning applications are techniques that offer effective results to individuals who want to get rid of various regional excesses without any surgical operation. Nowadays, everyone wants to have a thinner, tighter and fit body, regardless of whether they are men or women. In addition to the desire to have an aesthetic appearance, you aim to get rid of your excess weight for a healthier body. However, you know very well that even though we lose weight despite various diet programs and exercises, getting rid of the excesses in certain areas is not as easy as you think. Non-surgical regional thinning can also be defined as body contouring. Sometimes the patient wants to get rid of regional excesses. However, it also avoids surgery. In such cases, non-surgical regional thinning applications are saving.

For example, an individual with a thin body may have a cellulite problem. At this point, it is necessary to break the fat in the cellulite area. Or, a patient that we can describe as weak may have a fatty problem in the belly area. In such cases, the device suitable for the current situation and expectations of the patient is determined by the experts.


Regional slimming is a slimming method applied with technological devices, targeting a region in the body where the fat layer and weight are concentrated. For successful and permanent results, diet and sports should be done with the application of the device and plenty of water should be drunk.

Regional slimming application is generally;

It is applied to the area of ​​excess weight caused by fat storage such as the hip.

The process starts with the heads placed in the area where regional thinning will be applied.

How selective the oil layer is can be followed on the screen and the application is made accordingly.

No pain or ache will be felt during the application. Only an undisturbed temperature can be felt in the treated area. Heated fat masses will shrink and disappear. In this way, a healthy slimming will be achieved.


How often should regional weakening treatment be applied?

Contactless Aesthetics application is an alternative to liposuction. While the oils in the application area are decreasing, they are also getting thinner. For this reason, it is not possible to regenerate oil in the treated area in a short time.

After the application, if the diet of the person does not change and hormonal differences are not experienced, fat will not be repeated for the same area.

Therefore, although there is no need for substitution, if the person is overweight, 4 sessions may be required again at the end of 6 months.


Non-contact aesthetics is one of the fast weight loss methods for overweight people.

Nowadays, regional thinning applications are directed towards body shaping by packing fat. For this reason, it does not benefit people over a certain weight.