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Salmon DNA Treatment


Salmon DNA Treatment

Salmon DNA Treatment

Looking young despite the passing years and aging gracefully are the common desires of everyone. With increasing age, our skin loses its moisture, collagen and elastic fibers that provide elasticity. Salmon DNA treatment is one of the non-surgical skin rejuvenation techniques using hyaluronic acid and DNA molecules obtained from salmon fish sperms. Salmon DNA treatment, which is quite popular today, is also known as youth vaccine.

How is salmon DNA vaccine administered?

The treatment area is cleaned. An anesthetic cream is applied before the procedure. Salmon DNA is injected into the skin at certain intervals with the help of small fine-tipped needles.

How often is salmon DNA vaccine administered?


It can be administered at 1-3-week intervals.

How many session of salmon DNA vaccine is performed?


2-4 sessions can be performed.

What are the effects of salmon DNA vaccine?


The reconstructive proteins and hyaluronic acid in its content moisturize the skin, regenerate collagen and elastic fibers, and rejuvenate the skin by increasing the blood circulation in the skin.

For what purposes is salmon DNA vaccine administered?


  • Skin resurfacing and rejuvenation
  • Removal of under-eye dark circles
  • Removal of sagging skin and stretch marks in the body
  • Reduction of hair loss
  • Removal of fine wrinkles
  • Treatment of acne scars 

Who are the eligible candidates for salmon DNA?


Salmon DNA youth vaccine is a procedure that can actually be administered to everyone, regardless of gender and age.

How long does the effect of salmon DNA vaccine last?


Its effects on the skin are noticed immediately after the first administration, and its effects gradually increase after every session. It preserves its effect for an average of 1 year. Combinations of it with other skin rejuvenation techniques increase the efficacy of the treatment.

What are the Points to Take Care of After Salmon DNA Vaccine?


Our patients can continue their daily lives after salmon DNA vaccine.

What are the side effects of salmon DNA vaccine?


A slight redness, bruising may rarely arise on sensitive skins, but these are temporary.