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Skin Resurfacing


Skin Resurfacing

Skin Resurfacing

Skin Resurfacing, Rejuvenation and Non-Surgical Face Lift

In skin rejuvenation, it is possible to turn the clock back and to create a younger and smoother skin with the new generation technologies. Because many people do not prefer surgical interventions for skin resurfacing/rejuvenation due to various reasons, non-surgical skin resurfacing and rejuvenation has become increasingly popular in recent years. With non-surgical cosmetic procedures, it is possible to tighten and refresh the skin and to remove wrinkles and sagging skin caused by the effect of gravity. The patient can return to work and social life immediately after the procedure without taking the surgical risks.

Skin Rejuvenation Techniques

Skin rejuvenation procedure, filler applications, Intradermal Treatment, mesotherapy, dermaroller, radiofrequency and laser treatments are the most commonly used skin rejuvenation techniques. The technique to be preferred depends on the person's age, skin type and complaints.

Fractional carbon dioxide laser:

Fractional carbon dioxide laser (10600 nm) is an effective skin rejuvenation technique that improves wrinkles and supports the formation of a tight, new, young skin. In this technique, thousands of microscopic heat columns go deep into the skin, cleaning damaged old skin cells and supporting the development of new, bright and healthy new cells. It can be performed not only for facial wrinkles but also in other skin areas such as the neck, decollete and hand. With fractional carbon dioxide laser, it is possible to obtain visible results even in a single session. A smoother, renewed skin free of deep lines, wrinkles and spots can be obtained.

Wrinkle Treatment

It is possible to eliminate or alleviate the lines and wrinkles caused by various mimics. Wrinkle treatment a short, safe and effective technique.

Filler Procedures

As age progresses, the amount of collagen, elastin tissue and hyaluronic acid decreases in our skin. In filling procedures, the decreased hyaluronic acid is injected into the skin. Thus, hyaluronic acid needed by the skin is replaced.

Gold needle (microneedle radiofrequency)

It initiates the treatment process by stimulating the subcutaneous tissue with radiofrequency waves with the help of specially designed fractional microneedles. It makes possible to treat skin tone differences, acne scars, large pores, scars, spots and wrinkles. It also provides the skin to gain a young appearance, makes the contour of the jaw prominent, and tightens the jowl area.

Intradermal Treatment:

Intradermal Treatment, platelet rich plasma application, is the procedure of subjecting a small amount of blood taken from a person to centrifugation process by being placed into a special tube, then seperating it into its components and giving a small amount of Intradermal Treatment obtained back to the same person by injection. After the application sessions are completed, the skin gets brightness, vitality, the wrinkles are reduced and the tone of the spots gets lighter.

Salmon DNA vaccine

It is a brand new, natural and effective treatment that provides skin regeneration. Salmon DNA vaccine consists of polynucleotides derived from salmon fish.


Mesolift is the procedure of injecting small amounts of substances such as hyaluronic acid, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and amino acids into and under the skin to moisturize the skin and promote the production of collagen and elastin.


Fibrocell is the procedure of taking a small piece of skin behind the ear using local anesthesia method, and enriching fibroblasts in your own tissue and blood sample taken from you in the laboratory environment and injecting it into your skin. You get younger naturally and completely with your own cells.