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Spot Treatment


Spot Treatment

Spot Treatment

Spot (Blemish)Treatment

Prolonged and high-dose exposure to sun light may cause permanent skin spots and sunburn. The most important point of spot treatment is to diagnose the spot accurately. There are many kinds of spot with very different characteristics and caused by various reasons. Therefore, the spot treatment varies depending on the type of spot. In the treatment of a spot, a dermatologist's evaluation is absolutely necessary.

The Major Skin Spots (hyperpigmentation):

  • Freckles 
  • Solarium spots
  • Melasma (sun spots)
  • Pregnancy spots
  • Age spots
  • Post-laser spots
  • Spots occurring after severe itching
  • Spots that may develop after any dermatologic disease


They are round brown spots with the diameters of about 5-6 mm on the skin. Freckles usually arising in early childhood are most commonly seen on the face, hands, upper part of the body and shoulders.

Melasma (sun spots,hyperpigmentation):

They are brown spots with unclear borders and irregular shape. Sunspot is a very common problem and is more common in women than in men. They most commonly arise on the cheek, nose, forehead, upper lip and jaw. Although they most commonly occur due to the sun, pregnancy, contraceptive pills, thyroid diseases and stress may cause melasma.

The Main Techniques Used in Spot (Blemish) Treatment:


Sunscreen cream should be used every 3 hours in summer months. The sunscreen used should have a SPF of at least 30 and should be re-applied after swimming in the pool or sea.

BBL Laser, IPL, Fractional Laser and Microneedling with radiofrequency

Enzymatic peeling (cosmelan, dermamelan)

Chemical peeling

Blemish (hyperpigmentation) lightening creams