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Genital Wart

Genital Wart

What is genital warts?

It is a sexually transmitted infection caused by human papilloma virus (HPV). It is seen in 1-2% of people between the ages of 15-49. HPV has more than 100 types and about half of them can cause genital warts.

What are the symptoms of genital warts?

Due to the hot and humid areas of the female and male genital areas, it starts as a small, skin-colored, red or brown swelling, which is more common in the lips of the anus and in the female lips than in the genital area. It may appear whitish if it is too moist. It grows and gets a look like cauliflower.

How is a genital wart infected?

It is a sexually transmitted disease, but as it is almost always with skin contact, it can be transmitted without complete sexual intercourse.

How is the diagnosis of genital warts?

The diagnosis of genital warts is usually done by clinical examination by dermatologists.

How is the genital wart treated?

Laser, cryo, cautery can be used in the treatment. The choice of treatment will vary depending on the location, number, size etc. of the warts.

How do I protect the genital warts?

The most reliable way to protect is to have a monogamous relationship with someone who is known to be not infected. The correct use of condoms may reduce the risk of genital warts; genital warts can be seen in extracapsular areas.