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Moles (Melanocytic Nevus)

Moles (Melanocytic Nevus)

What is it?

The moles are usually harmless color changes of the skin. I have; They are also known as melanocytic nevi and are caused by the proliferation of pigment cells called melanocytes. I have; pigmented macules, papules or nodules, and can be located in the epidermis, dermis and rarely subcutaneous tissue. In some people there are dozens of big and small scattered throughout the body, while in some people there are fewer me.

How can they be seen?

The moles may be flat at the skin level or from the skin. Colors; leather color, red, brown black may vary.

When do they occur and how do they develop?

Mothers may be present at birth or may develop later in their early childhood.

Are congenital moles dangerous?

Although rare, it may develop cancer called “melanoma Doğum. The risk of melanoma development is associated with the size of benign; The risk for small and medium-sized moles is very low, and for the large and giant congenital moles, the risk is significantly higher.

How should the moles be followed?

Follow-up of me varies from patient to patient. Benin settlement, size, cosmetic and psychosocial effects should be taken into consideration. Congenital moles that are located in an easily monitored area of the body with small size and smooth surface can be followed by dermatologists at regular intervals (such as 6 months-1 year). Thus, changes that may occur in terms of the potential development of cancer that may occur
It can be determined. And in this case necessary measures can be taken.

What are the changes in me?

Normally, the nevi do not cause any skin complaints. If there is a rapid change in the diameter of a benign, if its color is alacrified, its boundaries are irregular and expanding, it should be seen by a dermatologist (skin diseases specialist) if there is a constant pain, bleeding, itching. These complaints may be a precursor to skin cancer. In this case, it should be taken and sent to the pathological examination.

Laser Treatment of Nevus (I)

The moles are usually treated to eliminate aesthetic concerns. Before starting treatment; Moles should be analyzed well, laser treatment should be done after deciding that Benin is benign.
The laser used in the treatment is the fractional laser. With laser I to improve patient comfort in the receiving process; first (nevus) is anesthetized by local anesthesia. Then, the fractional laser is applied.

Meat me treatment: Taking me to the meat certainly does not trigger the occurrence of cancer. On the contrary, it is ensured that a possible cancer is captured by early diagnosis.

How is skin cancer protected?

Sun protection is very important. Apply sunscreen with a protection factor of 30 or higher to areas frequently exposed to the sun.