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Mouth Wounds

Mouth Wounds

What is a mouth wound?

Mouth sores; cheeks, inner lips of the lip, tongue, gums and oval or round, sometimes with irregular edges, can be red or dirty white-gray in the ground, eating, chewing, causing pain during speech, directly affect the person's daily life and quality of life is superficial or deep tissue loss.

Causes a mouth wound?

Mouth sores may be caused by simple causes such as biting or hot burn, or may be a symptom of a systemic disease or oral region cancer, such as behçet's disease. Iron, zinc and vitamin deficiencies (especially folic acid, vitamin B12), stress, hormonal changes (menstrual periods, pregnancy etc.), familial predisposition (genetic factors), food allergies, bacteria (syphilis, tuberculosis microbe), viruses virus, fungal infections, some drugs and tobacco use are factors that may facilitate the emergence of mouth sores.

What should be done to treat mouth sores?

The first step in the treatment of mouth sores is to determine the cause of the mouth wound and to give treatment for it. Pain-relieving creams to reduce pain, antiseptic mouthwashes to prevent infections on the wound, mouthwashes for yeast infection that may develop in the mouth are used. Especially during periods of mouth sores acidic, spicy, very hot and hard foods should be avoided.