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Itching is an unhealthy feeling that makes people very uncomfortable and leaves them in difficult situations in society. Itching When severe, it can lead to insomnia, tension and depression. Itching; sometimes a skin disease, sometimes a symptom of internal organ disease or may be psychological.

What are the causes of pruritus?

It may be a symptom of some dermatological diseases: eczema, dryness, fungal infections, lichen planus, chicken pox, insect bites, scabies, lice, rash, dermatitis herpetiformis.

Can be an indicator of some internal diseases: liver, kidney, thyroid and blood diseases

Some Drugs

People with an allergic body



First, a good dermatological examination is required to investigate the causes of itching. Treatment begins according to the cause of pruritus. First of all, hot bath and shower should be banned and use suitable soaps for sensitive skin. Immediately after bathing, apply moisturizer. Treatment of skin diseases that cause pruritus are the treatment methods such as antihistamines, cortisone creams or oral medications, skin dryness moisturizers. Itching may be quite a condition, but responds well to treatment.