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Sexually Transmitted Diseases


Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Sexually transmitted diseases are as old as human history and constitute one of the important public health problems all over the world. Sexually transmitted diseases are a group of diseases that are transmitted by sexual intercourse and sometimes by other ways (sperm, blood, vaginal discharge) and their incidence is increasing in our society. Sometimes they can be transmitted through blood and direct pinprick. Sexually transmitted diseases can cause serious health problems as the existing infection progresses.

Since these types of diseases do not always cause lesions, the one may not even be aware that she/he has an infection. For this reason, people in the sexually active period should be regularly checked by a dermatologist and have blood tests done, especially after suspicious or unprotected intercourse.


Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Genital wart or human papillomavirus infection, HPV

HBV (Hepatitis B virus)

HCV (Hepatitis C virus)


Genital herpes


AIDS or HIV infection

Pubic lice, pediculosis pubis



Trichomoniasis, trichomonas vaginitis


Symptoms of Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Discharge from the penis

Burning, itching, pain while urinating

• The appearance of redness, swelling, wounds in the genitals and body parts where these organs are located.

• Frequent urination

• Bad smelling vaginal discharge

• Bleeding outside the period of menstruation

• Painful sexual intercours


Risk Factors

• Unprotected sexual intercourse

• Sexual intercourse with many people

• Having more than one sexually transmitted disease,

• Being addicted to alcohol or drugs.

• Early onset of sexual intercourse

• Using nonsterile needles in intravenous procedures

• Transfusion of infected blood


Protection From Sexually Transmitted Diseases

• Not having sexual intercourse with infected people

• Having a monogamous sexual relationship

• Using condoms correctly

• Using sterile needles in intravenous procedures

Treatment of sexually transmitted diseases varies according to the current infection the patient have.


Genital Wart

Different treatment methods are used for the treatment of genital warts. The most suitable and powerful treatment to remove lesions is fractional laser.