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Skin dryness

Skin dryness

Skin dryness (xerosis)

Skin dryness (xerosis) is not a very serious condition; It can cause complaints such as itching, wrinkling, exfoliation. As the age progresses, a more dry and less oily skin begins to develop, so skin dryness is more common in the elderly. It was determined that the incidence of xerosis increased as the frequency of showering increased. Most of the causes of dry skin are circumferential and most of them can be controlled. The most common causes of dry skin are extreme hot or cold water contact, low humidity environment and excessive bathing.

Who and why do skin dryness occur?

Age: Skin becomes more dry and thinner as you get older. Many people in their 40s feel the need to use moisturizer daily.
Climate: Dryness is more common in dry climates.
Skin disease: Atopic dermatitis, eczema and psoriasis
Work: The skin is frequently in contact with water in nurses, cooks, cleaning workers.
Frequent Swimming: Some pools have high chlorine levels
What should I do to prevent skin dryness? and skin dryness treatment?

Do not use hot water: bath in warm water.
Use a mild cleanser: do not use cleaners and hand disinfectants containing alcohol. Choose soaps that are perfume-free and moisturizing.
Avoid frequent blanching: Do not enter the shower more than once a day.
Apply moisturizer immediately after bathing.
Use the air humidifier if your environment is too dry.
Eat plenty of water to prevent skin dryness
Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables
See your dermatologist for detailed examination if you have persistent complaints.