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Tinea İnguinalis

Tinea İnguinalis

It is a fungal infection that causes symptoms such as redness, itching and dandruff caused by dermatophyte-type fungi in the groin area.

How does a fungal infection occur in the groin?

It is caused by infected people, animals or soil to spread through or through another focus in the body.

How is a yeast infection in the groin?

Poor hygiene can facilitate transmission. Warm climatic conditions, moisture, excessive weight, excessive sweating, tight clothing are the reasons that facilitate the emergence of the disease. They can be easily contaminated with shared towels or baths. In rare cases, it can be transmitted from person to person. Fungal infections in other parts of the body may also be caused by contamination.

How is fungal infection seen in the groin?

Often in the form of half-moon in the form of sharply limited, the edges of the dandruff, red, skin, puffy, indented protruding occurs. Symptoms can reach gigantic dimensions by slowly spreading towards the environment.

How to treat fungal infection in the groin?

In cases without common inguinal fungi, mushroom creams are usually sufficient. In the treatment of common conditions, fungicides and fungicides taken by mouth are completely cured.

Can fungal infection in the groin be prevented?

Preventive measures should be taken to avoid tight and wet clothing, to reduce sweating and friction, to dry the area after bathing and to separate the towels used by the patient. istanbul Dermatologist . İstanbul best Dermatologist.