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What is Wart (Verrü)?

Wart; Human papillomavirus (HPV) - Human papillomavirus - is a benign skin growth caused by the virus, which is known to infect the upper layer of the skin. It can be seen in the hands and feet, but it can occur in the whole body.

How does the wart occur?

The virus (human papilloma virus) causes warts. It occurs after contact with the wart directly or with something in contact with the wart. Traumas such as cuts or injuries to the skin facilitate infection.

Is the wart breed?

Wart is a microbial disease and not Irsi.

Are there any risk factors for wart contamination?

Anyone in contact with warts is at risk of wart contamination, but some people are more likely to be infected. These; children and adolescents, those with a habit of eating nails, those with a weak immune system.

In which parts of the body do the warts settle?

Warts can be located in different parts of our body and can be seen in different clinical forms.

How can I be protected from warts?

Do not cut or scratch your wart, use your own shoes in the public areas such as the pool, do not touch the warts of others. Keep your feet dry especially on foot warts, as humid environments may increase the spread of warts.

What can be done in wart treatment?

When you suspect a wart, consult your dermatologist immediately to protect yourself and your environment. In the treatment of dermatologists; With the agents that are effective against the HPV virus which is the causative agent of the warts, it will make your treatment plan by the agents or methods that provide healing by destroying the tissue. These treatment methods; The age of the patient is determined by the region, thickness and clinical type of the wart.

Major treatment methods;

Fractional Laser
Superficially applied keratolytic agents to dissolve the upper layer of the skin
Cold treatment (cryotherapy)
Acidic solutions can be used.