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Migraine Treatment


Migraine Treatment

Migraine Treatment

Migraine is a disease with unilateral and throbbing periodic headache attacks and severe cases of vomiting, limiting the daily life of people and having more than one cause. Migraine is more common in patients with genetic predisposition.

How Is Migraine Treated?

With the realization that the headaches of migraine patients who had toxins were reduced in order to eliminate the deep or newly started mimic wrinkles on the face over time, toxin was started to be used in the treatment of migraine.

Chronic migraine is a health problem that is seen at a rate of 1.3-2.4% in the society, causes limitations in the daily life activities of the people and affects the social life of the person. Studies have shown that toxin administration is effective in chronic migraine treatment.

How to Apply Toxin in Migraine Treatment?

In people with chronic migraine, botulinum toxin, which blocks chemical transmitters that initiate pain by releasing sensory nerve endings, is prevented from the release of transmitters, and the pain reaching the central nervous system from the subcutaneous nerve endings is controlled before it reaches the brain.

Toxin injection is applied similarly all over the world for chronic migraine patients. This application, which has been proven to be an effective treatment method in reducing the frequency and severity of pain in chronic migraine in scientific studies, is applied as toxin injection to the necessary points in the forehead, two temples, neck and shoulder areas of the patient. This injection takes approximately 15-20 minutes. Toxin treatment shows its effect within 4-10 days. After the application, migraine pains disappear completely. The toxin can be applied to all chronic migraine patients except children, women during pregnancy and lactation. There is almost no pain during the procedure. It is a safe method and has almost no side effects.